Best Visual Performing Telescope

Best Visual Performing Telescope

Sky-Watcher Classic 200p DobsonianSky-Watcher Classic 200p Dobsonian | Price: $445

Ideal for: Tinkerers who are willing to sacrifice automated capability for visual performance

Dobsonians are simple — just aim them up, down, left, and right to find and observe your target. With this all-manual design, Dobsonians can cut manufacturing costs on things like computers and go-to motors and just focus on the most important part of the telescope — the optics. This 8-inch Dobsonian provides the largest aperture in its price range, which translates to excellent views of all objects, including planets, the Moon, and even faint deep sky objects like galaxies and nebulae. By design, Dobsonians will require occasional collimation (like calibration) of the optics, similar to how you need to tune a guitar each time before you play it. Though this is a simple process once you get the hang of it, some may prefer a more hands-off experience. Overall, though, this Sky-Watcher 8-inch Dobsonian will provide the best visual views in its class if you’re willing to sacrifice automation.

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