Easiest Telescope to Use

Easiest Telescope to Use

Celestron StarSense Explorer LT 80AZCelestron StarSense Explorer LT 80AZ | Price: $179.95

Ideal for: Those on a budget but still want a modern, user-friendly telescope

Modernizing the telescope as we know it, Celestron’s StarSense Explorer series uses your smartphone’s camera to figure out where the telescope is pointed at in the sky. It can then take you on an observing tour by directing you where to aim the telescope, preventing some headaches for beginners trying to find faint objects in the night sky. This particular model, the LT 80AZ, is a budget-friendly option, comes with two eyepieces, a Barlow 2x magnifying lens, a red dot finder scope, and other accessories. For an even better observing experience, we recommend purchasing an additional eyepiece. Check out the Ultimate Celestron StarSense Explorer Guide for more information.

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